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7 Life Lessons We can Learn from MS Dhoni

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MS Dhoni is one of the highly influential people throughout his career. Many of us have taken him as our role model either for our personal, sports, or professional life. Coming from a middle-class family he achieved lot of things with hard work and determination. 

Let’s look at some of the life lessons we can take from MS Dhoni for our life

1. Never stop learning and always put your hard work

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Image Source: AFP

Learning is a continuous process and Dhoni showed us how he continued learning throughout his career. He started his career as an aggressive batsman and as he progressed his career he molded himself as a batsman who can hold the innings in the middle and finishes the game at the end.

And one more example is on his wicket-keeping skills. Some of us might have noted that when he started his career he was not known for his wicket-keeping skills. But he continued learning the skills behind the wickets and now he is considered as one of the quickest wicketkeepers in the cricket world.

For hard work, Dhoni’s life journey is a perfect example. During his school days he used to attend classes from morning to afternoon and then in the evening he will grind himself with sheer practice. Even during his days as a ticket checker, he has put a lot of hard work after his working hours to mold himself as ever learning cricketer.

So, never stop learning and hard work, if you want to be the best of yourself.

2. Staying Calm under pressure – One ball at a time

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Image Source: Hindustan Times

Life will push all of us in tough situations either in our personal or professional life which we need to handle. MS Dhoni is a perfect example of this topic. We have seen him in portraying this skill in many matches, one example is the Cricket World Cup final in 2011, where he took the dreams of billion people on his shoulder and handled the pressure brilliantly.

Also, we have seen marching his team from behind the wickets, by never allowing his teammates to the pressure and making sure that they are executing the task given to them either bowling or fielding. He was clear in his approach “Never thin on the end result” always “one ball at a time” and you achieve the results as you progress.

With this principle from Dhoni, never pressurize yourself by the things which were thrown at you. Always stay calm and face “one ball at a time”

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3. Stay focused never allow anyone or anything overwhelms your life

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Image Source:PTI

We all have this challenge of getting focus on things that we want to achieve. In our career life, we easily distracted from our tasks when our peers scold us or when we think about our salary hikes. This focus shift from our tasks in hand will hamper our progress in achieving what we wanted.

It’s not the same with MS Dhoni when Indian Premier League controversy came during the Champions trophy, he never allowed it to take control. Instead, he focused on winning the Champions Trophy which he achieved eventually.

And one more instance, where we saw his focus skill in the movie ” MS Dhoni: The Untold Story”. During a match against Punjab, his teammates start admiring Yuvraj Singh’s brilliance and eventually loss focus in the field. But not the same with Dhoni, he went on with his batting powers and even impressed Yuvraj Singh with presence in the field.

So, never allow anyone or anything to deviate you on your success path, always stay focused.

4. Have Confidence and believe in yourself

5. Lead from front

6. Take risks and trust your instinct

7. Be simple and stay grounded

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