3 Inspiring Short Stories on Friendship to Teach You the Value of Friends

In our life, friendship plays an important role. Friends are the one who makes our life beautiful and happier. And they support us in difficult times.

Good friendship is all about giving and taking. So one time, we will be on the giving side, and other times we will be on receiving side.

If we want our life to be meaningful, we need friends. They have a direct impact on our well-being and health.

To understand the value of friends, we have three inspiring short stories on friendship for you.

#1. Short Stories on Friendship – Friends in the Army 

friendship stories with moral army friend
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Image Source: AV RAW from Pexels

Two boys from a small village were close friends. They always spend their time together.

Both had a similar dream of serving the nation.

They started working towards their dream from a young age. Finally, with their hard work and determination, both joined the army.

As the days went by, they got an opportunity to serve the country. War broke out. They prepared themselves for the battle.

Before they started from their respective base camp, the two texted each other about being safe.

They went into battle and faced their enemies bravely. But unfortunately, one of the friends was struck in a bunker and was severely injured.

On hearing this, the other friend decided to save him. But his Commander stopped him and said, “You cannot go there. Because by the time you go there, your friend will die.”

He requested his Commander that he must go. The Commander agreed.

He went and returned with his friend. He was already dead.

Witnessing this, Commander said, “Soldier, I told you that by the time you go there, your friend would die. Your efforts are in vain now”.

He replied, “Sir when I went there, I could see his smile. Then, looking into my eyes, he said, “My friend, I was confident you would come to save me.”

I could not save him. But his last words showed his trust in me and our friendship. So, my effort is nothing when we compare it to our friendship”. 

Moral of the Story

Friendship is one of the relationships where we trust each other blindly. A friend will be there for us whenever we need them.

We should have faith in our friends and be there for them, irrespective of the noise surrounding us.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

#2. Short Stories on Friendship – Who is Your True Friend?

short story on friendship in english magic chair
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Image Source: RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Martin was a young boy going to school. He had a lot of friends in school.

He was showing off to his family members that he had the maximum number of friends in school. Also, he claims how friendly he was with everyone.

One day as he was talking about his friends at home, his Father called him for a bet.

Father said, “Martin, I bet you for the cycle you wanted.”

Martin, “What’s the bet?

Father, “I bet you do not have as many friends as you think. Everyone is not your friend. Some of them are only your classmates.”

Martin, without a second thought, accepted the challenge.

He asked, “But how I test whether they are my friends?

Father said, “I have a special item in my collection. Let me go and bring it.”

Martin waited curiously. He saw him walking towards him, looking like he was carrying something heavy. But Martin could not see anything.

Father, “You see this as a magic chair. It is invisible, and it is challenging to sit on it.

You take this to your school. If you manage to sit on it, the magic chair will activate.

Then you will be able to tell who are your real friends.”

The next day Martin took the invisible chair to school. During lunchtime, he asked everyone to form a circle. He stood in the middle, “Friends, you are about to see my magic here. Watch closely”

Then Martin tried sitting on the chair. But he fell. Everyone laughed.

“There seems to be a problem. Wait for a second.”

He made another attempt to sit and fell again. The laughs continued.

stories on true friendship magic chair
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Image Source: Mikhail Niloy Productions from Pexels

Martin did not give up. He kept trying and fell to the ground.

He tried again and did not fall this time. Instead, he was floating in the air.

He finally experienced the magic.

Martin saw four of his friends, John, Abram, Juli, and Terry carrying him up so he would not fall.

While others whom Martin thought they are his friends had done nothing but make fun of him every time he fell.

Now he found out who are his real friends.

He informed his four friends about the bet and the procedure to find real friends. Everyone finds it a helpful tool.

Martin returned home and narrated the day’s story to his Father.

Father was happy that he could find his real friends. The next day he bought a new cycle for Martin.

Moral of the Story

We will meet many people in our life and spend a lot of time with them. But that doesn’t mean all of them are our friends.

A friend will stand by our side throughout our journey, whether it is a happy or a sad phase in our life.

It is not about the quantitive of friends that matters. It is the quality of friends that matters.

#3. Short Stories on Friendship – Triple Filter of Socrates for Friends

friendship stories socrates
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Image Source: Duncan1890 from Getty Images

Socrates, the great Greek philosopher from Athens, was considered esteemed for his extraordinary philosophical knowledge.

One day, a man came to meet him to discuss some topics. During the conversation, he said to Socrates, “I heard something about your friend. Do you know that?”

Socrates replied, “Wait before you could talk about my friend. I want you to use the triple filter test to filter the things you are about to say.”

The man said, “Ok, but what are the triple fillers?”

Socrates, “Truth is the first filter. Are you sure what you will say about my friend is true?”

The man said, “No, I am not sure. I just heard from other people.”

Socrates, “So, you don’t know whether it is true. Now, let us go to the second filter, Goodness.

The thing you are going to tell about my friend, is it something good?”

The man replied, “No, it’s the opposite.”

Socrates, “From the first two filters, it is clear that you want to inform something wrong about my friend, and you are doubtful whether it is true.

You can still pass the test with the third filter, usefulness.

Whatever you are going to tell about my friend, will it be useful ?”

The man said, “Not at all.”

Socrates finally said to the man, “Whatever you want to tell about my friend is not meeting any of the filters.

So, why are you trying to tell me?”

Moral of the Story

Gossiping is one of the biggest enemies of any relationship and holds good for friendship.

If anyone says something about our friends, we should use the three filters before any judgment. But first, avoid any outside noise that breaks our friendship.

Featured Image Source: Duy Pham from Unsplash

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