3 Inspiring Short Stories about Courage for You to become Fearless in Life

What is Courage? Many of us would answer Fearless.

But the correct answer would be, Ability to take action even if you have fear.

We all need the courage to start things we pursue. At the start, if we think about the result, we will go into the fear zone.

But courage helps us overcome fear and makes us attempt things we were scared of before.

Being courageous in our life gives us the power to chase our dreams and increase our belief in our abilities despite being surrounded by fear.

We have three inspiring short stories about the courage to become fearless in life. 

#1. Short Stories about Courage – Get out of the Crowd and Reach New Heights

short stories about courage with moral man climbing
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Image Source: Giampaolo Mastro from Pixabay 

John and his friends used to go mountain climbing once every year. This time they have decided to climb mountains in the Swiss Alps.

They reached the famous mountain spot in the Swiss Alps and were surprised to see many people climbing the mountains.

John and his friends started wearing all the mountain climbing gear and started climbing. In no time, they reached the top of the hill.

After reaching there, friends decided to camp there.

Then John saw another mountain where only a handful of people were trying to climb it.

He told his friends, “Let us go and climb that mountain also. It will be fun and challenging instead of camping here.”

A friend replied, “No way, I have heard people talking about that mountain. It seems the path is difficult to climb, and only a few people can able to climb.”

People nearby hearing the conversation made fun of John and said, “If it was easy to climb, why we were sitting idle here.”

Hearing them, John took that as a challenge and went alone towards climbing the peak.

Two hours later, he reached the top of the hill. People who were already there welcomed John with a round of applause.

John was happy having climbed the peak. He could see the beautiful views of nature from the top.

He started a conversation with people and asked them, “While climbing this peak, I felt it was not so difficult. Then why only a handful of people here?

If people could climb the below peak, they can climb here also if they put in some effort.”

A veteran climber replied, “Most people in the crowd right there are happy with what they find easy. They never think that they have the potential to achieve more.

Even people who are not happy there do not want to take any risk. They think if we take risks, they will lose what they already have.

But to reach a new peak, we need to put in our effort.

Many of them do not show any courage, and they remain part of the crowd the whole life.

And keep complaining about the handful of courageous people and call them lucky.”

Hearing this, John thanked the veteran for explaining the importance of courage in our life.

Moral of the story

In our life, many of us stay in our comfort zone. But to achieve something big, we need effort and courage.

We should never stop, have the courage to push ourselves out of the crowd. 

Focus on moving to the handful of people, whom the people called Courageous People.

#2. Short Stories about Courage – Father to the Rescue

short stories on courage father to the rescue
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Image Source: Jérémie Crausaz on Unsplash

One late evening, Azhar was getting ready for the jog in the park. He asked his wife, “Where is our daughter?”

She replied, “She went to meet her friend.”

Azhar, “Okay, call her to come home early. I am going jogging now.”

He started jogging in the park. Suddenly he heard screaming from the bushes. He stopped and listened to the screaming.

It was the voice of a girl. Then he heard the voice of a man. It looks like the girl is in danger.

He continuously heard the sounds of fighting and muttering.

Azhar was hesitant to get involved and worried about his safety. He was thinking about calling the police.

As he was thinking about his safety, he could feel the voice going down.

He realized that he should act quickly to save the girl.

Azhar took courage and started running towards the bushes. As he was running, he could feel some transformation in his body.

He jumped over the bushes and pulled the man off from the girl.

He started punching the face of the attacker. The man was not able to bear the punches of Azhar. He pushed Azhar onto the ground and ran away.

Immediately Azhar stood up and went near the girl hiding behind the bushes. Since it was late in the evening, he could not see the face of the girl. He can hear only the shivering of the girl.

He said, “Do not worry, the man had run away. You are safe to come out now.”

Then she immediately came out running towards him and started crying, “Dad.”

She was the daughter of Azhar.

Moral of the story

There will be difficult situations where we need action to manage them.

If we do not show any courage, the consequences will be painful.

So, have the courage to fight, whatever the situation.

#3. Short Stories about Courage – Master and the Coward Student

short stories on bravery and courage
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Image Source: Cory Schadt on Unsplash

Once there was a man in a village. He was called by villagers a coward because of his lack of courage.

The man then decided to change himself.

So, he visited a spiritual master in his village to teach him courage and bravery.

Master said, “I am ready to teach you but on one condition. You need to go and live in a big city for one month.

And during the stay, tell every person you meet there, You are a coward.

When you tell, you have to say it loudly, openly, and look straight into the eyes of the person.

After that, come back here.”

The man returned home and was thinking about the task. He was scared. He kept on thinking about it for some days.

Then he decided to travel to the city instead of living his entire life as a coward, which is unbearable.

In the initial days in the city, he could not talk to anyone.

Whenever he tried, he could not see the face and talk, or sometimes no words came out of his mouth.

He felt like he is going to die out of fear.

As the days passed, he pushed himself to finish the task.

He started talking to people.

As every passing day, his voice sounded louder, his eye contact with the person improved. His body was responding without any shivering.

One day he felt that he was not scared anymore to talk to people. Then he continued doing the task till the end of the month.

He returned to his village and met his Master.

He said, “Master, I finished the task. Now I do not have fear. I feel I can do anything with courage.

But I have one question.

What made you think this task will help me overcome cowardice?”

Master replied, “Being a coward is a habit. If you want to come out of this habit, you have to do things that scare you.

That is what you did. As a result, you have replaced your cowardice with the habit of courage.

So, similarly, if you have any bad habit that you want to change. Replace the bad habit with a good one.”

Moral of the story:

To overcome cowardice and fear, we should move out of our comfort zone and face it upfront.

To throw out any bad habits, we should replace them with good habits. And it may not happen immediately. We should take our time and work on it.

Once we have courage, we can accomplish anything in life.

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Featured Image Source: Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

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