3 Inspiring Short Stories on Faith to Make You Trust Yourself

Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

Life is full of surprises and twists. We do not know what will happen in the next second. But still, we continue to live our lives. One of the tools that help us is faith.

Faith is like an inner voice that keeps reminding us about the positive outlook of our life. And it helps us to keep going irrespective of the situation in our life.

“Faith in unseen but felt,

Faith is strength when we feel we have none,

Faith is hope when all seems lost.” – Catherine Pulsifer

To help you understand how faith can help in your life, we have three inspiring short stories on faith to make you trust yourself.

#1. Short Stories on Faith – A Man in the Desert

short inspiring stories on faith in yourself
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Image Source: Vicky Sim on Unsplash

It was a hot day, and the sands were glittering like gold in a desert. Andrew, touring the place, lost his way in the desert.

He could not find his way back, and the water in his bottle dried.

He was in desperate search of water. Otherwise, he will die due to dehydration.

As he struggled walking in the desert, he saw a small hut at a distance.

Initially, he thought it was just an illusion. But he continued walking towards it, and as he reached closer, he realized it was a hut.

He opened the door and found nobody there. It seemed like the place was in abandoned condition for a long time.

He was surprised to see a hand water pump, and it had all connections intact and a pipeline to the ground.

Then he started pumping, and there was no sign of water. And he continued his effort and gave up due to exhaustion.

He started searching the hut for any other source of water. Then he found a bottle of water hidden in the corner.

He was happy, and when he was about to drink the water, he found a piece of paper attached.

It was written in the paper, “Please use this water to start the pump. It works. After you have done, do not forget to refill the bottle again.”

After reading the message in the paper, he went into a dilemma, “Will the pump work if I use this water?

Is the pump in good condition?

Can I trust the words in the paper?

If it is false, then my last source of water will get waste.”

He paused for a minute and closed his eyes, and prayed.

Then he poured the water from the bottle into the pump and pumped it.

Soon, he heard a bubbling sound, and water started pouring out.

There was a moment of relief on his face.

He drank the water and filled his bottle. Then he got refreshed and refilled the bottle from the hut.

He stayed in the hut for some time and looked around.

Then he saw a pencil and a map explaining the direction to the nearby village from the hut location.

He was happy that his faith in the water pump worked. Similarly, he believed that the map would direct him in the right direction.

Then he wrote in the paper, “Have faith. It works.”

And he kept both the bottle and paper to the exact place from where he took.

Happily, he left the hut.

Moral of the story

In our life, there will be times when we need faith. The moment we start believing, things will fall in our place.

Once we have faith, regardless of the outcome, we should continue our efforts towards it. It will pay more than we wanted.

#2. Short Stories on Faith – A Sculptor Faith

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Image Source: Tuyen Le from Pixabay 

It was a remote place best known for sculpture shops. There lived a father and son.

Father was a sculptor and had a shop. He never made any profits from the shop.

In his free time, Father used to teach his young son the art of sculpture.

While teaching the art, he also taught him about work ethics and the faith one should have in his work.

He told his son, “We are not selling as many sculptures as we wanted. But one day our work will reach the right people. From that day, there will be no looking back.”

As time passed, his son learned the complete art of sculpturing. He was helping his father along with his studies.

Other Sculptures in the area closed their shops and went for other jobs.

They used to advise the father, “Leave this work and look for any other source of income. You will never earn from this.”

But the father continued selling the sculptures.

One day, a businessman was traveling in his car and saw the sculptures shining like gold in the rays of the sun.

He visited the shop and explored the sculptures.

Then he told the father, “These sculptures look great. They have high demand in other countries.

Can we both do business together?.

You make the sculpture, and I sell it.”

Father and son were happy with the offer from the businessman.

They agreed to the deal.

They started making more Sculptures, and soon their business grew multi-fold.

Moral of the story

When we pursue something in life, the first step is to have complete faith in it.

There will be challenges during the process, but if we have faith, we can succeed.

#3. Short Stories on Faith – God and the Hiker

short stories on faith in god_hiker
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Image Source: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

John was a hiker who used to travel to different places across countries.

One day he made a solo trip to a forest. As he started walking, there was heavy rain.

It was difficult for him to walk as it was slippery. So, he decided to stay in one place for that night and continue the journey in the morning.

The rain stopped in the morning. There was heavy fog, and the path was still slippery.

He continued walking and came near a cliff. It was a beautiful sight, and he started enjoying nature.

In the process, he lost his balance and fell. But luckily, he hung on to a tree branch. He could not see anything because of fog.

As time passed, he was still hanging on to the branch.

Suddenly he heard a voice, “Leave the branch. You will be safe.”

John replied, “Who are you?. From where are you talking?.

I could not see anything!

Voice, ”I am God.”

John, ”God?. No, I do not believe that you are God.”

Voice, ”My son, How will you believe me then?”

John, “You save me first. Then I will believe you.”

Voice, ”Okay, leave the branch.”

John, “No, I cannot because I do not have faith in you!

After that, he could not hear anything. He continued holding on to the branch.

A snake on the tree bit his hand, and he fell to the ground. But nothing happened to him as he was hanging just 3 feet above the ground.

He noticed a snake bite mark on his hand. He started running towards the village for help. As he moved closer, he fell and was unconscious.

One of the villagers rescued him and took him to the hospital.

John opened his eyes and realized he was in the hospital.

He talked to himself, “God told me to leave the branch to save me from the snake. But I have not believed him. Still, he saved me.”

Moral of the story

Faith is a beautiful thing in our life to have.

We do not have to believe everything, but at the same time, we need to have trust in certain things.

God sometimes lends his helping hand in one or the other way. We have to hold on to his hand and move forward.

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