10 Inspirational Short Stories You Must Read in Your Life

Inspiration is the fuel that propels us to the path of possibility. It comes in various avatars.

We all need this fuel constantly to run our minds to the intended path to accomplish great things.

Stories can be one of the fuels.

As human beings, stories are an integral part of our life. It started from the day when we were in our mother’s womb, hearing her stories, to the day when we tell our stories to our grandchildren.

Inspirational stories help us to refocus our thoughts for positive results. It creates a simulation in our mind which urges us to take action. It also increases our mental strength.

We have collected and written a few short stories on inspiration that will trigger positive changes in our life.

Each story shows us different dimensions of life, and the moral of each one is highly valuable.

#1. Short Stories on Inspiration – The Race of Life 

stories about inspiration_the race of life
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Image Source: Steward Masweneng from Pixabay

Once upon a time, there lived a teenage boy with his grandfather. He is a runner and for whom success is winning every race he was participating. He never worried about any other thing.

The boy is famous in his village for his running capabilities and was popularly known as Incredible Dash.

He never bothered about his grandfather. He was focusing only on himself and his success.

One day there was a sporting event planned in his village. He was preparing himself for the running competition.

On the day of the event, a large number of people, have gathered to witness it.

His grandfather also came to the ground.

Crowds were eagerly waiting to see the boy race. The race for 200m commenced, all the teenage boys were sprinting fast and were a tough fight to the finishing line. But with his determination, he finished first in the race.

People on the ground gave him a big round of applause.

He felt proud and was top of his world.

But his grandfather remained calm.

After some other events, the race for 100m began. This time, all the teenage boys were fitter than the previous race. The race started. He ran full speed and finished the race first once again.

The crowd once again gave thundering claps. 

He jumped all over the ground and was not bothered to give handshakes to his fellow racers.

But his grandfather remained calm without any reactions.

He pleaded for another race. He was so confident that he may beat anyone in the race.

His grandfather stepped in and showed two challengers to him, a blind girl and an aged man for a race.

He said, “What is this? They are not my challengers.”

Grandfather replied, “Just race”.

The race started, and he ran fast and finished the race, while the aged man and the blind girl were still standing in the starting line.

With joy, he waved his hands to the crowd. But they kept silent. And there were no reactions from them.

He asked his grandfather, “Why are people not clapping for me like the previous race?”

The grandfather replied, “Start the race again with them. But this time, all three should cross the finish line at the same time.”

He stood in the middle and held their hands. 

Race started.

They slowly walked and crossed the finishing line.

The people on the ground gave a standing ovation.

The boy asked his grandfather, “For whom the people are cheering for, is it for me? or them?”

Grandfather smiled and said, “This race which you won right now along with them is much more than the race you have run before. The people did not cheer for any one of you. They cheered for how you all three ran the race.

In life, what are you hungry for?

Is it a success and winning all the races?

Is it the only measurement in your life?

The important thing here is, who you are running against.

If you keep winning against people, who are not your actual challenger, people will stop cheering for you.

In the race, if you race against weaker and older people, and you help them cross the finishing line. It will be the best race you could have ever run in your life.

So, when you start running the race of life. It is not important whether you win the race. But it is important how you run the race.”

Moral of the Story

Most of us run the life race, focusing only on ourselves winning. We do not carry the people who need support from us to cross the finishing line.

Instead, if we carry these people in the race along with us, there will be a beautiful life waiting for us in the finishing line.

The race will be more memorable than the other race, and it is worth every second of it.

#2. Short Stories on Inspiration – Forgive and Look into the Bright Side

stories for inspiration_look into the bright side
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Image Source: Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Once there were brothers named Ram and Raghu aged 10 and 12. They always used to play together.

One day they were playing together. They argued, and Raghu slapped Ram on his face.

Ram went to his mother and complained about the incident. After hearing the story, she asked Ram to write, “Raghu slapped me on the face”, on the sand in the playing area.

Ram did the same.

After a few days, while Ram and Raghu were playing on the terrace, Ram slipped and was about to feel down. Raghu caught him and saved him from falling.

Both went to his mother and narrated the incident. Hearing this, their mother thanked God and told Ram to write, “Raghu saved my life”, in a piece of stone.

Ram asked his mother, “On that day when he slapped me, you told me to write on the sand. But now, when he saved me, why did you ask me to write in the stone?

His mother replied, “When someone hurts us in any manner, we should forgive them like the winds, which erased the letters from the sand.

But when someone does a good thing for us, we should never forget like the engraving on the stone where the winds cannot erase it.”

Moral of the Story

In today’s world, most of us keep grudge in ourselves when someone hurts us. We never try to forgive. Instead, we keep on adding fuel to that.

But when someone does a good thing for us, we easily forget.

It is not the way of living our life. 

In simple terms, forgive when someone hurts and never forget when someone does good things for us.

It will help us to live a peaceful life.

#3. Short Stories on Inspiration – Path of a Dog

short inspirational stories_the path of a dog
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Image Source: aisvri from Unsplash

Once there was a farmer who had a pet dog. They went to the farm for some work.

While they went, one of the farmer’s friends came to visit him. His wife welcomed his friend and gave him some coffee to drink.

After some time, the farmer and his dog returned to the house.

The farmer was surprised to see his friend after a long time.

While they were talking, the dog was gasping heavily.

Seeing the dog, his friend asked him, “Where was your farm? Is it a long distance from here?”

The farmer replied, “No, just a 5-minute walk from here.”

Friend asked, “Then why is your dog gasping heavily?”

The farmer replied, “It is because of his habit.”

Friend asked, “What is that?”

The farmer replied, “We both come in the same way. But my dog has this habit of seeing other dogs, strangers, or any animals and running after them barking. After they went, it came back to me.

This habit was repeating throughout the way. That is why he is gasping heavily.”

Moral of the Story

Most of us take our path like this dog. Even though we know our life path, we are distracted constantly by so many things like social media, addictions, negative people, ego, and envy.

When we constantly deviate from our goal, we feel low, just like the dog, and lose all our energy.

It is one of the biggest obstacles to achieving our goal.

But instead, if we ignore the distractions and walk straight in the direction of our goal. One day we will reach the destination of success.

So, take your path like a farmer without any distractions.

#4. Short Stories on Inspiration – Quality of Work

short stories on inspiration_quality of work
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Image Source: олег реутов from Pixabay

Once a Mason was working with a contractor.

He had years of experience in house building. He is planning to retire and leave a leisure life with his family.

So, he informed the contractor about his plan. The contractor felt upset about the retirement of his most experienced person.  

He requested him to build just one more building before he could retire.

Mason agreed with the contractor and started his work. But he is not giving his 100% towards work like he used to do it before. There were many deviations from the plan, and the quality was not up to the mark. 

After some months, he completed the house.

The contractor came and inspected the house. He looked all around the house and called the mason.

The contractor said, “This house is a gift for you for all the great work you have done for all these years.”

Mason was surprised. But he was not happy. He was ashamed of himself for the quality of work he put in on this house.

If he executed the work the same way as his previous buildings, the gift he received would have been more precious than right now. But now, he has to accept it as the way he built it.

Moral of the Story

The situations in our life keep on changing. Irrespective of the challenges, we have to give the best in our work.

We need to have a positive attitude and seed quality of work today, which will reap good fortunes in the future.

Never work to satisfy others. Instead, we put in our work so that we are satisfied. It will lead to a better life tomorrow.

#5. Short Stories on Inspiration – Stop Complaining

inspirational stories_stop complaining
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Image Source: sasan rashtipour from Unsplash

Once there was a Guru who used to travel to different places. He helps people with his advice when they come to meet him.

One day he visited a village. Most of the people there were complaining about their life.

A group of people was complaining about their financial situation. Another group of people was complaining about their health.

Like this many people were complaining about their problems.

Guru, hearing them, called for a meeting next week.

When everyone gathered, he told a joke, and everyone laughed.

After a few minutes, he repeated the same joke, and only a few laughed.

Then he repeated the same joke for the third time, and no one laughed.

Guru smiled and said, “You see, you can’t laugh at the same joke over and over.

Then why are you always complaining or worried about the same problem again and again?

Just accept it and try to overcome the problem instead of holding it in your life”.

Moral of the Story

There is no person without a problem in his life. 

Only a few people do not complain about it.

If we keep thinking about the problem, it will hold on to us. Instead, if we take action to overcome the problem, we will move ahead in our life. It helps us to have a happier life.

#6. Short Stories on Inspiration – Waiting for the Opportunity

inspirational moral stories_waiting for the opportunity
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Image Source:  Sam Solomon from Unsplash

Once there was a lazy man who was working on a construction site. Next to the construction site was a scrap factory.

One day, he was having lunch, he saw some watch falling from a truck, carrying the scrap materials. 

He took the watch and saw that it was in good condition.

Then he sold the watch in the market for some money.

The lazy man thought, “If I could get some valuable products from the scrap truck every day, I don’t have to go to work!

The next day, instead of going to work at the construction site, he was waiting in the same area for the scrap truck where get the watch.

When the scrap truck came, nothing fell from it.

It was just an incident that a watch fell from the truck, and it was in good condition. But the lazy man thought, “There is always tomorrow.”

Then he continued waiting in the same area for some more days without doing any work.

He ran out of all his money and never got anything from the scrap truck.

Moral of the Story

Success is not a piece of luck where we will achieve it without any effort.

We should not wait for things to happen without doing anything. By luck sometimes, we might have got something. But that is not a permanent one.

When you push, things will move. Do not expect things to move by themselves.

#7. Short Stories on Inspiration – Never Insult Your Dream

inspirational stories_never insult your dream
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Image Source:  cottonbro from Pexels

John and Alex were working in an IT company. Both were part of the same department but in different projects.

Their projects achieved on-time delivery and with less budget. Also, they made many innovations in their project.

Both were in nomination for the Star performance award at the organization level. John and Alex prepared themselves for the presentation to the management.

After the presentation, they were eagerly waiting for the final results. Finally, John was declared the winner.

Alex, instead of congratulating John, “This award is not worth much. They will give this to people randomly.

Anyway, I was not expecting it!”

Moral of the Story

Never insult the things which we want but do not get it. There will be another chance.

We might have put a lot of effort into that. But there are two reasons why we did not get it.

The effort we gave was not enough, or the other person might have put more effort than you.

So instead of insulting it, we need to put more than 100% of our effort into getting it.

#8. Short Stories on Inspiration – Value of Life

inspirational short stories about life_value of life
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Image Source:  cottonbro from Pexels

Once there was a man with an inferiority complex. He felt he was no match to others and had no value in his life.

One day he went to the priest and asked, “What is the value of my life?.”

And the priest gave him a stone and said, “If you want to know the value of your life. Take this stone to the market, and if anyone asks the price, do not say a word. Just raise your two fingers.”

The man went to the market as the priest told. He was standing in the corner of the market, where many people would cross him.

Then one woman approached him and asked, “What is the cost of the stone?”

The man does not say a word, just raises his two fingers.

She said, “Two dollars. I will take it.”

The man got surprised and came back to the priest and said, “There was a woman at the market who was ready to give two dollars for the stone.”

The priest replied, “Now I want you to go to the auction arena and if anyone asks the price. Do not say a word, just raise your two fingers.”

The man went to the auction arena and stood in the hall with the stone.

After about an hour, an old man approached the man and said, “Sir, Are you planning to sell this stone? If yes, how much is this stone?”

The man does not say a word. He just raised his two fingers.

The Old man said, “Two hundred dollars. I will take it”.

The man again got surprised and came back to the priest and said, “There was an old man in the auction arena who was ready to give two hundred dollars for this stone.”

The priest replied, “Good, now the last place I want you to take the stone is the Pawnshop in the city mall. If anyone asks the price, just raise your two fingers.”

The man went to the city mall. After finding it, he went into the shop.

The shop owner saw the stone and screamed, “Wow, The stone. It is the one I have been searching for this many years. How much is it?”

The man does not say a word. He just raised his two fingers.

The shop owner says, “Two hundred thousand dollars? I will buy it.”

The man does not believe what he just heard. He came to the priest and said, “The pawnshop owner was ready to give two hundred thousand dollars for the stone.”

The priest smiled and said, “Now do you understand the value of your life. Life is all about where you are placing yourself.

Your value can be either two dollars or two hundred thousand dollars you have to decide.

For some people, you are just like passing clouds. They will use you and forget. And for them, you will be worth nothing.

But for some people, you are everything. They will value you so much. They will never leave you.

So, it is up to you to decide where you place yourself in life and value it.”

Moral of the Story

Each one of us possesses unique value in our life. We have to utilize it in the place where it is most valued.

Because we are not given importance in some place or by certain people does not mean we do not have value in our life.

We have to keep exploring and utilizing our talents and do the hard work. One day, “We will find a place where they give importance to our value.”

#9. Short Stories on Inspiration – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

inspirational stories english_a friend in need is a friend indeed
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Image Source:  Kamaji Ogino from Pexels

Malik and Azhar were friends. They were studying in the same college.

One day both decided to go hiking in a forest.

They packed everything and started their journey in the forest. After some time, both saw a bear coming.

They were frightened. Malik, who knows how to climb trees, immediately climbs the tree. He did not think about Azhar, who does not know how to climb a tree, being left stranded.

Azhar kept his cool and thought for a moment. He had heard that bears do not attack dead bodies.

So, he lies on the ground. He held his breath and acted as a dead body.

The bear came and sniffed Azhar. He was holding his breath tightly. The bear thought he was dead and went on his way.

A few minutes later, Malik climbs down and wakes up Azhar.

He asked Azhar, “What did the bear whisper in your ears?” 

Azhar replied, “The bear told me to stay away from friends like you and never trust them.”

Moral of the Story

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

A friend who helps in difficult situations is a friend we can rely upon anytime.

We all have friends. But how many of them are true. We do not know. Our difficult times help us to identify them.

At the same time, how we support our friends during their difficult times is very important. Not use your friends for your benefit and neglect them when they need you.

#10. Short Stories on Inspiration – The Scar of Anger

inspiring stories_the scar of anger
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Image Source: Alison Courtney from Unsplash

Karthik was studying in a school. He had the habit of a bad temper. Because of this, he used to scold his friends in school.

One day, the principal complained to his father about his bad temper in the class.

His father decided to teach him a lesson. He took a bag of nails and called Karthik. 

His father told him, “Whenever you lose your temper, you need to hammer a nail in the garden fence.”

The next day, after returning from school, he hammered 30 nails into the fence.

In the next few days, he began to control his anger. The number of nails he was hammering into the fence slowly decreased.

He realized that it was easier to control the anger than hammering the nails into the fence.

After a few months, the day came when Karthik did not lose his temper at all.

He told his father about that. His father said, from today onwards, whenever you control your anger, go and pull out a nail from the fence you nailed.

After a few weeks, he removed all the nails from the fence.

Father appreciated and took him to the fence and said, “Karthik, look at the holes. You cannot change it. Similarly, when you hurt people with your words, it creates a scar mark on them.

Even when you accept your fault and say sorry, the wound you created with your sayings will not go away.”

Moral of the Story

When we are in anger, we have to control and give some time to calm ourselves.

If we react in anger, we will lose control of what we say and do. Later we will regret that. 

It creates a permanent scar in our minds also.

Before reacting, think multiple times. Thinking helps us to gain control.

Summary of the 10 Inspirational Short Stories You Must Read in Your Life

1. The Race of Life – Importance of how you live your life.

2. Forgive and Look into the Bright Side – Forgive people for their mistakes and never forget people for their goods.

3. Path of a Dog – Ignore the distractions and walk towards your goal.

4. Quality of Work – Never work to satisfy others. Instead, we put in our work so that we are satisfied.

5. Stop Complaining – Stop complaining about the problem and take action.

6. Waiting for the Opportunity – When you push, things will move. Do not expect things to move by themselves.

7. Never Insult Your Dream – Never insult the things you wanted but did get it.

8. Value of Life – Find a place where you are valued.

9. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed – A friend who helps in difficult situations is a friend we can rely upon anytime.

10. The Scar of Anger – If we react in anger, we will lose control of what we say and do.

Featured Image Source: Alexas Fotos from Pexels

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