3 Inspiring Short Stories about Management to Teach You Powerful Lessons

Management is the process of planning or organizing resources in a business to achieve its goals in the most efficient way.

So, organizations need effective Management to achieve their end target. To succeed in management you need to acquire some skills which help you achieve the goals. For that, you need to learn some important management lessons which will improve your skills.

We have 3 inspiring short stories about management to teach you important management lessons in life.

#1. Short Stories on Management – Donkey and the two idiots

short stories about management_Donkey and the two idiots
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Image Source: Julissa Helmuth on Pexels

There was an old man and boy who worked in a farmhouse. The owner of the farmhouse told them to go to the town and buy some food grain for the animals, with the help of a Donkey. 

They started going to the town. The boy rode on the Donkey, while the old man walked alongside. As they were going, a man who is known to both the boy and old man told them, “See, the old man was walking and the young boy was riding comfortably. It’s a shame”.

The boy and the old man thought he was correct, so they decided to change their positions.

Now, the old man was riding and the boy was walking alongside. Then they saw a lady, who scolded the old man, “Don’t you have some sense. You made the boy walk and you were enjoying the ride on the Donkey”.

Hearing this both of them decided that we should both walk.

Soon they passed near a shop and stopped there to drink some water. The shop owner told, “You both are stupid or what?. You have a Donkey to ride but still you both are walking”. Then they decided both should ride on the donkey.

After some time, they saw a group of people who were passing by, scolding them, “You both don’t have any sympathy. You are putting so much load on the poor donkey”.

The man and the boy got down and started discussing. After some time they decided to carry the donkey.

Both of them carried the donkey on the shoulder and started walking. They were struggling, as the donkey was heavy to carry. Then they came near a small bridge over a river. As they crossed, both of them lose their grip on the donkey and it fell into the river and drowned.

Seeing the donkey drowned, people started abusing the old man and the boy.

Moral of the story:

In management, you will come across many situations or people where you are forced to please them. If you do so, then you have to face the consequences.

Remember, you cannot please everyone or every situation. Just give importance to the purpose and what is really required for that situation and stick to that.

If you start pleasing, throughout your life you have to keep on pleasing someone. So, stop doing it.

#2. Short Stories on Management – The Pastor’s duty

short stories about leadership and management_The Pastor's duty
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Image Source: redcharlie on Unsplash

A church was located in a remote place where people nearby used to come up for services on Sunday. 

One Sunday it was snowing heavily and no one turned up for the services. After some time, a herder, who was managing a herd of cows far away on a farm, reached the church in the freezing snow. 

The pastor waited for some more time and no one turned up. The pastor went to the herder and said, “We have waited for some time now and only we two are there. I am not sure if it’s okay to proceed with the services. Let’s have some hot drink before you start to your home”. 

Herder said, “Pastor, I am a simple man. Thanks for offering a drink. But I have one point to say!”. 

Pastor, “Go ahead”. 

Herder, “When I go and feed my herd of Cows,  I used to whistle it out for them to come for the food. Most of the time, all the cows turn up. But sometimes, only one turn up and that time I will make sure that I don’t leave that cow hungry”.

The pastor realized his mistake and started to deliver the services. 

The services went for close to two hours before the pastor finished. 

The pastor felt very happy and thanked the herder for teaching him a valuable lesson, “It’s our duty to finish it, no matter how big or small the need is”. 

Then he asked Herder “Was everything okay? Hope you had good two hours”.

Herder replied, “Well when I go to feed my herd and If only one turns up for the food. I will make sure that I don’t force it to eat all the food I bought for the whole herd”. 

Then he thanked the pastor and went. The pastor could not say anything.

Moral of the story:

From the management’s point of view, this story teaches us an important lesson. Irrespective of the level of the work, our duty is to complete it properly with dedication. 

At the same time, we have to adapt to the changing environment and plan accordingly.

#3. Short Stories on Management – A Frog and two Goose

stories with management lessons_A Frog and two Goose
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Image Source: Josiah Weiss and Erzsébet Vehofsics on Unsplash

Once there was a frog in a little pond. Slowly the water in the pond started drying due to hot weather. 

One day, two geese came near the pond and the frog asked the two geese to take him to the nearby pond where there are more water. 

One of the geese told, “We know a pond where there is plenty of water. But, how we can take you there”. 

Frog told them, “Don’t worry, I have an Idea. You both hold a stick in your beaks and I will hold it with my mouth. Then you both can fly to that Pond”. 

Both the goose thought it should work and off they went. 

When they were flying, it was quite a sight for other animals on the ground. They looked up and admired for their creative teamwork. 

Some animal shouted, “It was a great idea and which one of you is so clever to bring the idea of travel”.

Hearing this, the two geese kept silent and thought in their mind it was a team effort and focused on flying. But the frog opened his mouth and said, “It was I, who gave this idea” and he fell to the ground and died.

Moral of the story:

In the management world, there is never an “I”. Even if your contribution is the prime factor for the team’s success, you should never tell openly in the team. Every contribution from the team is important, whether it is big or small. 

To achieve any success in the team, it’s always a collective effort.

Featured Image Source: Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

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